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Peperomia Napoli Nights - Houseplant care guide

The beautiful and sparkly Peperomia Napoli Nights is a wonderful addition to your plant gang. Easy to care for and fuss free, it’s a slow growing plant that will be happy in your home.


Napoli Nights likes bright to semi-shade light, such as a north or west facing window. Bright direct light will cause the sparkly surface of the leaves to fade, so watch out for that.


Careful watering with the Napoli Nights is key, as they are semi-succulent and store water in their leaves, be careful of over watering. Water once the soil has dried out by giving the soil a thorough drench and letting all the water drain out before returning to it’s spot in your home. 

Warmth & Humidity

Napoli Nights prefers warmer temperatures and doesn’t like cold draughts. As central heating kicks in during winter, this keeps temperatures up, which is good, but also can dry out the air and be a bit intense for little plants like Napoli Nights. Try to keep your plant away from direct heat sources as well as draughts and it’ll be happy. 

Normal home humidity is good for Peperomia Napoli Nights.


Keep the silvery, sparkly leaves free from dust to help your plant breathe and look good.

The little flower spikes that stick straight up from the main plant can be trimmed off once they go over.