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Haworthia - Houseplant care guide

This little succulent plant is perfect to have anywhere around the house. Hardy and slow growing you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.


The Haworthia will adapt to survive and thrive in most light aspects, from full sun to partial shade. It will grow more slowly in lower light. A good tip is to rotate your little Haworthia every week or so to continue the even rosette growth.


A member of the succulent family, the hardy Haworthia only needs to be watered when the soil has dried out. Take this little plant in its nursery pot and sit it in a bowl of water so it can drink up its fill. After about 1 hr let the water fully drain away before returning to it’s planter bag. This might be fortnightly or longer, check the soil before watering.

Warmth & Humidity

Normal home temperatures are fine for these little plants. They also like to experience a difference in temperature between day and night, so a windowsill can be a good place as it cools down during the nighttime.

They don’t need increased humidity, but do like fresh air in summer so open a window nearby and let them breathe.


Keep the leaves dust free and rotate the plant for even growth. 

If extra little plantlets are growing from the main plant, let them develop and then trim at the base to be able to enjoy a whole new plant! Place in a small pot of soil to develop roots and care for the same as the mother plant.