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It all began in a gorgeous flat, a converted woollen mill; think high vaulted ceilings and red brick, in Leeds. This was going to be our first place together, Tom and I. We got lucky (very lucky!) and moved in.

But something just wasn't quite right. There was no life, no vibrancy against the backdrop of those red brick walls, no deep breath exhaling. Don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful flat, but it wasn't yet a home.

Cue a little succulent, a 5 yr old Dracaena that desperately needed repotting, a freebie Areca Palm, an (unsuccessful) Kokedama and a few orchids hanging upside down in those Boskke Skyplanters, and the whole place really started to come alive and feel like our new home.

That was 2014, only 2 of those plants are still alive (and it's definitely not the succulent!).

That was the start of my journey into killing, trying not to kill and eventually growing, propagating and sharing houseplants. I still have the odd mishap, there's a rubber plant that's been looking off colour for a bit too long now.

But filling our various homes, both owned and rented, as we've moved around with plants, big and small, easy and needy, has given me such fulfilment and headspace, even if shelf space has been at a premium!

This is what I want to share with you, the fulfilment and satisfaction that comes with plant care. Whether it's a home full to bursting (so much so that you're on a plant buying ban - but propagation doesn't count right!?) or you're just starting out with your first houseplant and an inkling, a twinkling, that this could be something more for you, I'm here for you, we're on this journey together and there are no silly questions or wrong answers, just different stories, and I can't wait to share more of mine with you.

I'm Rosanna, and together we're going to have the best time growing, caring for, and sharing houseplants. There's more to come on Hilda's story, over on the blog, but for now, grab a drink (hot or wine are the only options, no?), hop on over to Instagram and share your story with me...


Rosanna from Hilda on her wedding day