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Hilda x Space at Seventeen

I am so excited to announce that Hilda will be popping up in the amazing Space at Seventeen, St Stephen Street, Edinburgh, for the month of March!

"Space at Seventeen is a concept that nurtures ideas and ambition; a space in which individuals and small businesses come into their own and flourish." This wonderful space gives people like me, a place to share them but also to test them. To experiment and see what happens. The list of past residents reads like a who's who of independent businesses in Edinburgh that you want to shop with. I first came across the concept on the Independent Thinking podcast and as soon as I'd finished listening I was inspired and excited.

I day dreamed about bringing Hilda to life in this little space and after building up the courage, emailed off to Jess at Space at Seventeen with my ideas.

Luckily for me she loved them and with March 2022 available it felt like a no brainer for me and Hilda.

Now that 2022 is upon us, my thoughts are taken up almost entirely with visions of the space, ideas of what to do and where to put things and grand plans that almost definitely need to be simplified. 

There will be all the houseplant provisions you might need to help your houseplants feel at home, along with a re-potting station and plant hospital to help revive your houseplants after a hard winter!

Beautiful and functional plant pots designed and made by independent creators are something I'm very passionate about, after struggling to find them myself for my own plants, there will be a lovely selection of these in the pop-up.

Have you tried propagating from your plants? This is one of the most magical parts of growing houseplants. Along with cuttings to buy I am sourcing lots of fun propagation stations so you can give it a go too.

Hilda's mission is to help you slow down and plant up, with everything you need to make your houseplants feel at home. Bringing this to life in Space at Seventeen is going to be a big challenge but I can't wait to be in the space and chatting about houseplants with all of you.

Rosanna x