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Maranta - Houseplant Care Guide

Maranta Kerchoveana

This beautiful foliage plant originates in Tropical America and is also called a Prayer Plant after its habit of opening and closing its leaves. A physical reminder that it’s evening when the pant closes up its leaves for the day, it might be time for you to step away from you computer for the day too.

Light requirements

The Maranta Kerchoveana does well in partial shade as their leaf colours and patterns will fade in direct sunlight. It will especially benefit in winter from a bright spot that’s out of direct light. A north facing windowsill will be perfect, or alternatively an east or west facing window but to keep it out of the direct light, move the plant back from the windowsill.


As Maranta’s come from a tropical climate, a good way to mimic this environment in your home is to keep the soil damp throughout Spring/Summer/Autumn, reducing watering in winter to allow the plant to rest. 

When watering, take the plant to the draining board in its plastic nursery pot and water thoroughly whilst allowing all the water to drain away before returning to its pot cosy. Check the soil every week and if the top inch or so has dried out, it’s time to water again.

Warmth & Humidity

Another feature of a Maranta’s natural, tropical habitat is warmth. This makes them ideal as houseplants as our central heating means our homes stay warm even through winter. Draughts and cold blasts will shock them so try to keep this plant off the floor and out of the way of any draughty windows and doors.

The one downside to the benefits of central heating are the way it dries out the air. This is especially unhelpful for the Maranta that likes a warm, humid, tropical environment. Make sure to mist the leaves every day (especially in winter) and group the Maranta with other plants to increase humidity and create a mini micro climate. 


A few top tips, keep the leaves dust free so your beautiful plant can breath and continues to look good for you too.

Give your Maranta a trim in Spring, ready for the growing season to begin and start feeding every month throughout Spring to Autumn.