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Houseplants in a rental home

The biggest pain in the neck I’ve come up against with having an apartment jungle is re-potting. You nurture your plants, provide for their every dream and wish, and they grow!

That means getting down and dirty with a re-pot - how? 

Carry a 20kg bag of compost up the steps to your flat? Drop it in relief only for it to explode all over your kitchen floor! No, this sounds rubbish. 

What I’ve found to be a total (plant) lifesaver, is a compost brick!

A dehydrated and compacted block of naturally made compost that comes in the post! Then just pop it in a bowl and add water and watch as the magic happens! It expands and fluffs up to beautiful natural compost ready to re-home your favourite houseplant.

With my houseplants, I want impact, not fuss. My favourite plant, the one I recommend to friends, is the Monstera Deliciosa, all day long. It is super easy to care for, grows big for mega impact and is easy to propagate, meaning you can get more plants for free or to give away as gifts!

The one app that I (constantly) recommend to friends is a light meter app. Our human eyes compensate for any changes in light intensity, so we don’t think there’s a problem. Meanwhile our plants are over there with night vision goggles on trying to see in the dark! My favourite is Photone, super simple and easy to use, your plants will thank you!