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Hilda's Story

Hilda's Story

Who is Hilda? Is she real? What did she do?

‍She was indeed real, she was my husband (Tom’s) great granny. Born in 1897, in Paraguay, she also lived in Ireland, Belgium England and India. She lived during 3 centuries, passing away in 2000 - imagine the changes she must have witnessed! Wherever she lived over the years, she always made a garden, however small, and all made from cuttings.

In later life she lived in Edinburgh, in the house where Tom's family still live, and so we're lucky to have a lot of the books, products and things she loved still around. Including one of her own houseplants! A Hoya that I'm planning to propagate.

Thirty years ago she also designed a gardening aid product, to help her in the garden when her mobility started to decline. She applied for a patent and we have the original drawing so it would be amazing to bring this to life as part of this store.

She was an all round legend and left behind a big impression. Her love of growing, propagating and caring for plants lasted all her life and has been passed on through the family. A strong independent woman, she inspires us everyday here at Hilda HQ.