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String of Turtles Art - One Liner Dip Pen & Ink Print


Help your houseplants to feel at home by creating a soothing oasis of calm with a stunning single line plant drawing.

String of Turtles is such a curious and charming little plant, he makes me so happy! And yes, every time I see him, I can't help but sing the Ninja Turtles song!

Exclusively available from Hilda is a range of Dip Pen and Ink one-liner drawings depicting a few of our favourite houseplants. 'One-liner' means just that, the plants are drawn using one continuous single line to create an homage to our houseplants.

These pieces have been hand drawn by Lucy in Fort William, taking inspiration from a range of Hilda's most loved plants.

The high quality A4 print is on Hahnemühle Agave paper at 290 gsm weight. A beautiful paper in its own right, it is made from 70% Agave Sisal fibres and 30% Cotton. Agave has brilliant eco credentials;

  • Growing in very dry climates, it needs little water and no fertiliser or pesticides
  • It takes 4 years to grow before it can then be harvested several times a year for up to 15 years
  • The bright white natural finish of the paper does not contain optical brighteners and the Agave paper is acid free and lignin free

The Agave paper has a subtly delicate textured finish that gives a sense of depth to the final print, contrasting strongly with the deep black print of the single line artwork. The textured finish means it can be displayed as it is, as the paper quality allows it to stand alone, without need of a glass frame and mount board.

The one-liner prints are available with a custom made black hanging frame. Handmade in Inverness, the magnetic frame is easy to use and the perfect compliment to the simplicity and chic-ness of the single line artwork. Finished with black Nutscene twine (because that's what Hilda used, only the best) the hanging frame is tied using one double overhand knot for integrity and security, so nothing takes away from the beauty of the artwork on your walls.

Your print comes safely wrapped and packaged in a large letter box and the frame comes ready to hang, so if you choose this option (be fast, I only have a limited number of frames!) your print will be up and happily in your home in no time!

String of Turtles Art - One Liner Dip Pen & Ink Print