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Potting Tarp


If you have houseplants, you need one of these.

Perfect for potting up your houseplants and keeping it clean whilst you do the dirty work. Simply unroll the tarp, snap the corners together and off you go. All the mess is kept contained in the tarp so you can re-pot and care for your houseplants without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards. Once you're finished, clean off the tarp, roll it back up and secure with the cork strap for convenient storage until next time.

The potting tarp is durable, tear-proof, water resistant and easy to clean. It's also easy to repair so will last as your monstera grows big enough to take over the whole house!

Made from washable paper, FSC approved and OEKO-TEX® accredited. 

The strap is made from Cork which is backed with soy waxed cotton.

Unrolled the tarp measures 60cm x 40cm x 5cm, big enough for a big Begonia. Once rolled up for storage, the tarp is just 50cm x ⌀ 6cm, nice and easy to tuck away.

Designed & hand crafted at the Shibui ilk Studio in Dorset, UK, the potting tarp is a must have for helping your houseplant haven bloom and grow. Vegan and plastic free, they could be the perfect gift for the houseplant lover in your life too!

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Potting Tarp