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Plant Rescue Box


Take on the exciting challenge and become a plant hero with a Plant Rescue Box!

Sarah, founder of @theplantrescuer, is on a mission to reduce waste in the houseplant industry. A big contribution to this is when we, as plant shops, have plants left that aren't quite 'perfect' enough to sell at full price, but there is nothing that a little TLC won't sort out. Think of the change we've all been happy to make in buying 'wonky veg' at the supermarket, knowing that an oval tomato is just as good as a round one! 

This also gives you an exciting opportunity to hone your plant care skills and learn more about houseplants and what they need to thrive. Of course, as you're buying from Hilda, I will be on hand to offer advice and suggestions if needed.

The Plant Rescue boxes will contain between 3-5 heavily discounted plants to reflect their condition. The Plant Rescue boxes are non-refundable, but with proper care many of the plants inside will thrive. The condition of the plants will vary, but most will only have minor damage that won't cause any long term problems.

Your Rescue Box will be sent via Royal Mail 24 so it is tracked and aims to be with you next day after postage, that way you can start rescuing your plants without delay!

*Plant types will be random according to stock levels

Plant Rescue Box